Aero 210

True Racing

Born to race.

Designed for competitive FPV racing in consideration of outstanding


-durability and



Finest Materials

Carbon and Kevlar fibers.


Only 55g.


Protects your fpv components.

Rigid Construction

Ultra stiff unibody and pod connection

Supreme Aerodynamics

High-speed flying and power-saving.

Motor Diameter 210mm

Perfect for 5 inch props.

Recommended setup
Micro cam
30.5x30.5 fc
4in1 esc

Core Material - Aramid

Also known as "Kevlar Fiber".

Producing the AERO 210 canopy in Prepreg Autoclave process allows us to use black colored aramid fiber. It is nonconductive and improves weight and impact resistance.

HD Cam Mount

Quick mount your GoPro Session.

The Custom 3D printed TPU mount is fixed with 3 M3 Screws and can be removed very easily 

The Basement

Unibody or Single arm.

Choose the mainframe to your preferences.


Little helpers for different tasks.

-XT60 LiPo plug battery mount

-TPU antenna fin

-Micro FPV Cam adjustable tilt mount

-TPU motor socks 

-Camera tray

free 3D file download


Is the camera angle adjustable?

Yes, the neutral angle is 45°, but it is adjustable from 30° to 65°. The camera angle can easily be adjusted from the outside by turning the M2,5 screw on the front side.

How is the pod connected to the frame?

The pod is connected to the frame with transparent or black tape. This ensures the strongest and lightest connection.

Can I use 4 single ESC's?

No, because of the 8mm slim arms, there is no space for four single ESC's. Only 4in1 ESC.

Where can I attach the battery strap?

Just normal as you would with any other frame. On the sides is a gap between the pod and the frame which is large enough for a strong battry strap.

Which type of lens can I use?

The aero pod can be ordered with 2 sizes of camera lens bushings. One is 12mm (micro cams) and the other is 16mm (micro cams with big lens). If you order the 12mm version, you can also enlarge the camera hole and mount the 16mm bushing. But be aware, that the 16mm hole can't be decreased to 12mm afterwards. In this case it is still possible to fit the 12mm bushing inside of the 16mm bushing.

How is the camera mounted?

The lens is fixed in a rubber camera bushing and the camera is mounted with a 3D printed part, which also allows the user to change the camera angle from the outside.

Can I mount my GoPro?

A 3D printed GoPro Session mount is available and can be mounted on top of the cannopy with 3 M3 screws.

What is Kevlar and why do you use it?

Kevlar is a brand name for composite Aramid fiber. It is processed in the same way as carbon fiber, it is lighter and more flexible. It can therefore absorb impact energy (chashes) much better. For example it is also used in protection vests and splitterguards.

How is the antenna mounted?

The TPU 3D printed Fin is split on the rear side, so the antenna cable can be inserted.

Customize your


Be creative and make your frame unique.