The C-Force AERO 210 is truly designed for fast FPV racing. The main design goals were aerodynamics, lightweight and stiffness.


The incredible aerodynamics let you fly faster and more silent with less energy.


With only 50g the AERO is very light but also very rigid. Thanks to the Carbon and Kevlar fibre mix in the cannopy, it can survive heavy crashes and protect your electronics. 


The tight connection between cannopy and the unibody makes the AERO ultra stiff. Especially when a prop is unbalanced or damaged, the arm is heavily stressed on torsion and vibrations reach your FC. The construction of the AERO increases the moment of inertia on each arm and can help a lot in such situations. 





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AERO 210 unibody

38,00 €Price
  • Weight and Dimensions:


    AERO 210 Unibody mainframe ~ 33g - 180,5x180,5x5mm